I want to take the time to write a whole bunch (five, to be exact) separate posts but I don’t have the time right now (womp womp) so here’s a brief Five Things…

Spring // It hasn’t been very spring like at all, actually. On Friday and Saturday it was below freezing both days and quite windy to boot. But this morning walking to my car it was above 30 and sunny. Hopefully we’re on the up and up and it’s nice for Easter. I can’t wait for no jackets and picnics at Edgewater and walking to the fountain downtown that I love and eating on the patio.

March // The first quarter is officially OVER, internet. Let’s just step back and reflect in awe how it went so quickly. But my #BestYearEver is coming along nicely, I think. So much “self improvement” going on it’s sickening. I’ve been shooting from the hip since January but with the second quarter starting I’m going to PLAN PLAN PLAN intensely for April and loosely for May and June.

Easter // Is this Sunday. I’m considering taking a half-day on Friday to bake Easter treats and decorate eggs and assemble Easter baskets and (hopefully) enjoy the fine weather. Easter is by far still my favorite holiday (the baby animals! the pastel colors! the weather! uuughhh) and I need to CELEBRATE hardcore before it’s gone (but the Easter spirit lives on in spring!)

Spring Cleaning // I had the exterminator come out last week because the little critter friends are starting to come back. And with the exterminator comes spring cleaning. I started my digital spring cleaning a while ago…it’s time to round that off, start actual spring cleaning my house, and completing my “home improvements” chore list. (And enlisting V to help complete said home improvement projects because who are we kidding I don’t own a drill).

87 Days // Counting today, I have lived in Cleveland for 87 days (I moved January 3rd). My house still doesn’t feel quite like “home” like my first place did. I go there after work because my stuff is there but, when given the choice, I’d really rather be any other place. But with spring (and spring cleaning and home improvement projects) hopefully it’ll all start to become a place I love just as much.

BONUS TIME // Innovation Days + Sleep // Last week I participated in Innovation Days at work. In a nutshell, you join small teams and work intensely on a project for 48-hours. Maybe I’ll talk about the experience later on, but on the night of the first day I went home, took a shower, didn’t stare at a single screen until bed, went to bed and…….slept through the entire night. I haven’t slept through the entire night during the week in months. And then I woke up feeling a level of refreshed that I haven’t felt in ages. Hard work plus physical and mental exhaustion!