When it comes to cooking we all know I’m not one to toot my own horn. I’m not that good of a cook but what I make I usually choke down, tasty or not. But lately, in an effort to 1) eat out less, and thus spend less money 2) use of my stockpile of food/ingredients in my flat and 3) eat healthier and know exactly what goes into my food…I’ve been cooking a lot lately which by proxy means the food gets tastier and tastier.

I made Indian yesterday (because I’ve been craving it so hardcore lately…whyyyy internet?) and tonight I needed to use up some button mushrooms before they went off so I made my “mushroom-garlic-onion flatbread.” Creative recipe name, I know.

It’s seriously just mushrooms, garlic, onion, and green bell pepper sauteed with a pat of butter, thrown on a piece of naan (with the tasty juices from the sauteeing process to act as sauce), sprinkled with basil and mozzerella cheese, into the oven at 425 for however long.

So simple. Done and dusted. It’s a whole meal PLUS lunch for tomorrow.

DSC_1791It’s the littlest things that make me proud.

Toot toot.