There are a lot of other things I should be doing right now besides writing this blog post. (Except not really because I’m sitting at the Conrad’s downtown waiting for my car to be serviced).

Wedged in between work, side work, guest posting (more on that latter), and the holidays (Christmas and New Years) is moving. GUH. Moving. LIFE.

I’m so excited/happy to be moving into a place that is…

  • A place for V and I to call home for at least two years
  • Brand new construction just finished so no one has ever lived there (which is a HUGE happiness plus for me)

But just a small part of me is sad to be leaving this part of my life and moving on to something else. Even if that something else is better. I’m just a really nostalgic person!

Earlier in the fall when I was walking around Tremont taking pictures of the autumn leaves I snapped these pictures to remember my year:

Aughtonburgh Kassey Sikora-4299

Aughtonburgh Kassey Sikora-4297


Aughtonburgh Kassey Sikora-4295


Aughtonburgh Kassey Sikora-4291


Aughtonburgh Kassey Sikora-4288


Aughtonburgh Kassey Sikora-4261


Aughtonburgh Kassey Sikora-4247

Aughtonburgh Kassey Sikora-4286