At the start of April I decided to do my friend Justin’s April Blogging Challenge. I’ve always wanted to participate in photo/blogging/whatever challenges whether it be for a week, a month, or a whole year but somewhere I usually fall off the bandwagon.

Not this time!

Okay, I did back post on an occasion (or two) but save for those few instances I did blog every day in April.

And boy, internet, am I proud of myself for sticking to something.

It’s a weird feeling…following something through. Unlike work projects that have a clear start and finish to them, most of the things in my personal life are “when it gets done, it gets done.” I’ve had to send my Rotary watch in for servicing for MONTHS and I still haven’t done it. I have to organize my receipts for the last few months. I want to spring clean. Order patio furniture. So many things to do! But I keep pushing them farther and farther out on my calendar.

But in tandem with this challenge I’ve been taking charge of a lot more BIG things in life. I’ve made an effort to spend less money. I finally went to the doctors, the optometrist, and the podiatrist. (Next is dentist and GP). And while I’ve fallen off the bandwagon with healthy eating and working out (darn you, Cleveland!) that’s going to be my own personal May challenge (along with continuing to try and cut spending).

Goodnight, April Blogging Challenge. You were great momentum to get started on a lot of other things.