**Part 2 of my 3 part series on random things that have been on my mind lately.

Graduation day. This is how I pictured it:

Hat throwing. Cheering. My neck hurting from wearing so many medals. I pictured it like Rory’s graduation from Yale.

How was graduation day actually for me? December 17, 2011. There were tears indeed, but for different reasons.

It was Hannah and I’s last day in Germany with Anna. We went to the Christmas market in the morning, then to the train station where we had to part ways for a very very long time. (Hopefully Anna comes to visit this summer so it’ll only have been 6 or 7 months).

We cried.

Plane ride home (to London). Impossibly long train ride back to Uni. Finished packing my room and went to bed before my 4am wakup call to get a taxi to the airport to go home (which turned into me spending 12 hours in the airport and not really going home and crying some more).

That’s how I spent graduation weekend. Crying a lot.

Sure, I was in Europe and these are “first world pains” but all of my friends, the ones in the class of 12, the class I should have been in, have just graduated. And they have great photos in the newspaper. Great parties to attend. Great everything. And I envy that.

It took me two months after I got home to even get my diploma in the mail. There was some closure, but I wish I would have gotten to hear the commencement speaker. Gotten to walk across that stage. Gotten to turn my tassel and throw my cap in the air. It’s something I’ll never be able to get back. (If this were twitter, I’d use the #bitter tag haha).

Anyway, it’s done and over with. Nothing about my life starting last summer up until now has been normal and average. I guess I like it that way.

And I’ll stop complaining now and be happy for the graduating class I should have been in (had I not taken 8 classes a semester and graduated early).

Congratulations, class of 2012.