Also cross-posted from my photography blog, a little history lesson too!

I absolutely ADORE Edinburgh, capital and heart of Scotland. This is a picture of the Scott Monument, dedicated to author and Scot, Sir Walter Scott in 1846. The tower is basically 200 feet high…and you climb to the top!

Now would be a good time to say I am TERRIFIED of heights but with a little encouragement from my friend (“we can turn around and go down whenever you want…”) I began the hike up the most narrow, steep, and winding stairs I have ever bee on. Granted, they were built in 1846. Your shoulders touched both walls (so I’m not sure how big guys got up and down…) and there wasn’t really a railing to hold on to. But we made it. And I’m so glad I did. Because in that moment, I wasn’t thinking about the awful nausea I had from basically twirling up spiral stairs for ages or the terrified feeling of having to go back down…in front of me was the most beautiful view in all of Edinburgh.

And that, my friends, is worth every step.