I’m kind of obsessed with Joy Cho’s blog Oh Joy. Despite the fact that I’m not her age and have no house/kids/husband to speak of, I still love reading about her family, her life, and her business ventures. (Not to mention, she has a line of party things at Target! To die for. Plus she’s Asian…and not that it makes a difference but I’m always on the lookout  for successful Asian-American women to look up to).

Anyway, today on her blog she posted “Happiness Is…” which made me start to think of all the things (right now) that make me happy.

happiness is

. . . Valentine’s Day falling on a Saturday, and also during a long 3-day weekend (thanks, Presidents Day!)

. . . Knowing that Spring WILL come again this year. Eventually

. . . Staring at my Cats calendar all day that hangs above my laptop

. . . Motivation to start working on side projects that have actually been put on the side

. . . Hibernating on the weekends

. . . It not being completely dark at 5 anymore

. . . Drinking beer and eating popcorn

. . . An nice e-mail from a friend or two

. . . Knowing everything will get done. It will all be fine. There is nothing to worry about.