I grew up reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Holmes stories. Not nightly as bed time stories, but my father was pretty into them and had several editions of the books (as well as a collection of Holmes inspired pipes…..hm….maybe there’s where I got my collecting bone from?)

Throughout school I’d occasionally read one of the stories on assignment but it wasn’t until I was in England and took a fin de siecle literature class (for fun!) that I really delve back into the world of Holmes and reawoke my strange and passionate love of the 1800s again. And of course, like all things tied to my experience in England, I held on to this love a bit more tightly when I returned to America.

It’s kind of turned obsessive (okay, a bit manic) but anyway…

Happy birthday to the man in the funny hat.

Happy birthday to the world’s only consulting detective.

Happy 160th birthday, Sherlock Holmes.



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