It’s April 1. April fools. The official start of the second quarter. The (hopefully) start of warmer weather.

I have a lot of goals and hopes for this month but they’re not particularly grand…they’re more focused on continuing to live a better, fuller, happier life…

1 // Have afternoon tea with V

I’ve been trying to find a place in Cleveland (or anywhere!) to have a solid afternoon tea. Since we do brunch most weekends I feel like afternoon tea is a must. Unfortunately the only place downtown to get afternoon tea is at the Lobby Lounge on 6 at the Ritz…and it’s for parties of 10 or more. Boo. Emerald Necklace Inn in Fairview Park looks like it serves afternoon tea so I might put in a reservation there for us but until then, I bought an Cakes and book from Barnes and Noble. I’m going to try some of the recipes paired with my beloved English Breakfast tea for a light tea.

2 // Go to the spa

With spring (almost) here and with my increased outdoor workout activity (running outside) it’s time to treat myself to a top to toe day at the spa. Healthy on the inside and out!

3 // Get the outdoors spring ready

Last year I went on to my balcony a grand total of maybeeeee two times. This year since the winter has been particularly cold, I’m itching for ANY reason to get outside this spring. I’m going to invest in some patio chairs and a small table plus start an herb garden (because one can never have enough fresh cilantro and I’m tired of having to buy it fresh every week).

4 // Spring clean

The standard goal of every human being on the planet. I want to weed out, organize, and clean my entire place. Because this is the year of “simple living” I’m going to try to pair down what I have and be more conscious of bringing more things in. I’ll also be getting my car detailed sometime this month…

5 // Travel. And plan more travel

Since my time in England I can’t travel enough. Even when I traveled for work, I wasn’t traveling enough. This summer is going to be the summer of travel though. In April V and I hope to take a road trip to Washington D.C. and then take several trips thereafter (North Carolina in June and Ft Lauderdale in August for sure with the possibility of Chicago and Boston road trips in there sometime).

6 // EASTER!!!!

This is hands down my favourite holiday of the year. And since I’ve given up eating all meat, fish, eggs, and dairy (although the latter has been kind of hard since cheese is on and in everything) Easter signals the end of Lent which means going to brunch will again be my favourite thing in the world (eggs!! ham!!) Plus, I’m extra excited this year to decorate eggs, make some fabulous baskets, and send cards.