The last few days have been an undoubtedly NaBloPoMo fail. This, I recognize.

A lot great things have happened in the last few days but instead of typing out long paragraphs I’m just going to go with the sporadic method that serves me best:

  • Tuesday. Election day. Game on. We talked enough politics at dinner so I’ll just let it all go but…it was a good one.
  • I think the election should be determined per a candidate decathlon (see video below). Because honestly, I need to know which candidate can win a thumb war. It’s most representative of actual war (just kidding. But what a fun idea!)
  • Team Subaru for the win.
  • Chocolate lava cake for lunch. And surveys.
  • Unscrewing the license plates off of cars in the freezing pouring rain/sleet. “Stay dry”…not a chance.
  • Wrap party awesomeness.
  • Hugs for everyone. And I mean everyoneeee.

All in all, things were good. Normal, good. Hotel was okay (view was fab-ish). Didn’t get to downtown Philly except once but it was what it was. Program went well. It was good to see the program we’d worked so hard on come together and then end.