All day I’ve had Home by Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zero’s stuck in my head. “Home…let me go home…home is wherever I’m with you.”

That whistling is so darn catchy!

But it’s made me think a lot about my new home and how much it doesn’t feel like home, despite the fact that all of my belongings are there. It’s actually more quaint than I thought it’d be! But maybe it was just a novelty thing that’s already worn off.

I enjoy the time alone to do what I will. I feel freakish about vacuuming and keeping it clean.

But whoever lives below me and insists on having a rave in their apartment every single night between 1-5am is ridiculous. I might go all Jenna Marbles on them and make a nasty vlog. Whoever it is reminds me of Rita Glossner for The Middle. Haaaaaaaa. I’m seriously afraid to bang on the floor or even say anything because they might be crazy killers who rob me in the middle of the day.

Even crazy Rocky River felt more like home than this! I miss Heinen’s and the local library and the mall on the way to the highway. I miss my long drive to listen to podcasts!

Geez. I’m such a whiner.

In other news, last night I hung the rest of the artwork in the living room and watched “He’s Just Not That Into You.” Tonight I’ll probably make dinner and…who knows. I should finish unpacking the only place left to unpack……the office/library. Wahhh. So much stuff!

If you’ve ever moved, you know this feeling of just wanting to die. But then you also know the feeling of contentment when you finish a room!

Happy Tuesday xx