I love Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. This post isn’t about why.

There’s a somewhat recurring segment on the show called “How Is This Still A Thing?” In that past he’s talked about the Sports Illustrated sswimsuit edition, Ayn Rand, Columbus Day, Dressing Up As Other Races, and the Miss America Pageant.¬†Most recently, it was Daylight Savings Time:

But it got me to thinking of even MORE things that are STILL a thing. (And don’t even get me started on things that have BECOME a thing).

Mainly…how is it still a thing that doctors office hours are ONLY during the times people are at work. (HOW?!) Or in general, public services (banks, libraries, doctors, etc.) all open around 8 and close around 5 or 6. Like…I want to use your services but I can’t pay for them unless I go to work…which you’re forcing me to miss!