One of the lessons I slowly learned over the last year (thanks Jon Acuff) is that there is one key difference between people who achieve success and meet their goals and people who…quite frankly…fall short and don’t.

It’s the hustle.

If you have a dream and you want it so badly…….you have to be willing to hustle for it. You have to be willing to give up sleep, time with friends and family, money…whatever it takes to make that dream come true. Or else you don’t want it as much as you think you do and you should re-evaluate.

Admittedly, on a night like tonight, I’d rather just read a book and call it a night but I had a goal to get as much work as possible wrapped before August 1. AND to follow up on open projects with others I knew I couldn’t finish before Aug 1.

So instead of pouring a glass of pinot noir and kicking up my feet for the next 3 hours, I’m going to finish this post and keep working. I’m going to hustle for my dreams because I have to. Because no one else will want this as badly for me…unless I want it for myself.

Are you hustling for a dream? If so, I wish you luck and I hope you know you’re not alone when you wake up at 5am just to get in more work before you start your 8-5 job. Keep on rolling and run the town like Jay-Z.

Happy Thursday, xx