Growing up we had the same (I think, broken) scale almost my entire childhood. Eventually we bought a new one but I never really cared because…honestly…I’ve never been fascinated or obsessed with the actual amount I weighed. I’ve always held the belief that if you’re healthy (you get moderate exercise and eat the right things and avoid the wrong things) that there is no magic number you need to be. There is no number to chase, no number that will instantly make you feel beautiful. You are you and you are perfect no matter what the scale reads.

I still mostly feel that way but the problem is…I’m not doing the hard work behind not caring. I’m NOT getting enough exercise. I’m NOT making wise food decisions (although I have mostly stopped eating snacks). My pants still fit (thank God) but I often feel sleepy and bloated. I drink too much coffee, consume too much protein (via eggs mostly), and just all around feel kind of poorly.

So today I bought a scale.

Whatever the number reads (and it’s always within the same 10-pound range) that’s fine. The point is it needs to go DOWN. Not by a certain amount and not by a certain time. It just needs to start moving down.

For a while I’ll be weighing myself in the morning and taking my wait measurement whether or not anything in my life changes. By seeing an actual number it’ll hopefully force me to start exercising more and eating better.

Maybe? We’ll see.


Side note: I bought the scale at CVS. In that same run I also bought: a hair clip, 2 nail polishes, static guard, and a loaf of bread. #Random