Authors Note: I think my blog feels quite neglected sometimes. Initially it was a genius idea…if I could have kept on top of it. I am, however, keeping a somewhat detailed (written) journal of my day to day activities. But I fear some days are just so boring that no one would want to read about them on here…so I stick with journaling.


There are a lot of great topic ideas in my head for my blog but the one that’s kind of in the fore-front of my mind is the weather. Yes. The weather. And for those of you who grew up in the 90s and watched Barney, you’ll instantly recognize the title and be able to finish it with “oh what a rain that would be.” I could go on and on.

But the weather. It seems even more bi-polar here than in Ohio (and we all know that saying, you can experience all four seasons in one day in Ohio). I was once told that if it got above 2o Celsius it would be considered abnormally super nice weather. But let me tell you, friends. For a week straight, it was 24 Celsius AND sunny. Two things that don’t  often happen at all in England…happening simultaneously…and for a week straight.

Flash forward to yesterday. It was sunny, yet cold. But mostly sunny. The kicker is that it rained on and off, all day. Sun shining and all. No rain when I walked to dinner with Hannah. Pouring buckets when we walked out of the Hub. That night (last night) I took a melatonin in an attempt to actually get some sleep since I had seminar at 9am today so I’m kind of out of it, watching Mad Men and the second I close my eyes, I hear this really really strong rain start outside. But it’s hitting my window which means it has to be…raining sideways. Thanks, wind. It rained like that, on and off, all night. And we come to today. During the day it’s been mostly decent but tonight during the Christian Union grub crawl as we were walking to dessert…it hailed. I’ve never been in a hail storm before. I mean…I’ve watched them from my window at home but I’ve never been outside in one. It was bizarre and scary. I thought my umbrella might break.

And now it’s 135am. I was doing my Multimedia Development work, listening to Michael W Smith (via headphones like a respectable considerate person) and I heard this funny sound…kind of like rushing waters…and I look out my window…HUGE hailstorm again.See the picture below.

I know the weather is an odd thing to comment on but…it’s killing me!