So…last night I went on a bit of a built-up-for-too-long explosive rage about the guy that lives below me. Yes. I wrote that afterrrrr I called the cops (because it was 1am and I could hear his Led Zeppelin as if Zeppelin himself were putting on a show in my living room).

And then today, as I’m literally putting the finishing touches on my Chipotle chicken (I have perfected the recipe!) there’s a knock at my door. I knowwwwww it’s the guy below me. Who else would be knocking on my door, unannounced, at 6:30pm on a Sunday?

He knowssssss I’m home (because I’ve been banging around in the kitchen) so in an effort to be an adult…I open the door (on the second knock).


It’s the guy below me. And instead of wielding a gun…he’s holding a letter. The conversation that ensued went something like this:

Dude Below Me: I’m sorry I was being a jerk last night. Please feel free to come knock on my door instead of calling the cops. Let’s been good neighbors.

Me: I’m sorry I called the cops on you (but not really). I will definitely try to be more communicative in the future.

And then I invited him in (no, we didn’t have tea though) and we talked about good music (me: sometimes when you play Muse or Of Monsters and Men I don’t mind…DBM: Yeah? Just stomp on the floor and I’ll turn it up!), work (he works for CSX the railroad company), the other people in the building (mutual agreement: the lady in #2 is a *****) and yes…..the universal bonding topics….cats (his cat is named Harley).

All in all…I feel like a jerk. The anger I felt was justified, but it was one sided. I probably couldddddd have gone to talk to him muchhhh earlier in the game (but seriously….how can you listen to music that loud and not realize other people can hear it?!) but that’s that.

We parted ways on good terms. He promised to turn his music down by 8pm (on the weekends…on the weekdays he works 3rd shift so he leaves just as I get home and vice-versa) and I promised to knock on his door when it issss too loud, instead of calling the cops.

“So you’ll stop being a brat?” “If you stop being a dick.” “Okay. Agreed.”

And that, internet, just made my week.