Still behind on reading magazines. It’s getting kind of ridiculous.

But I just finished reading the April issue of Inc. and true to form, I highlighted and marked it up. More great bits of wisdom and facts:

– VC firms invested 10% less capital in private companies last year than in 2011, and they struck 6% fewer deals. -Darren Dahl

– Examine past orders in different categories to see how they performed historically to help forecast future orders. -Uri Minkoff

– When the overriding goal is improving your numbers, it becomes almost impossible to determine when enough is enough. And it’s critical to know when enough is enough -Jason Fried

– Customer feedback is great for telling you what you did wrong. It’s terrible at telling you what to do next. -Phil Libin

– Self-control is about competition between immediate and delayed gratification. If you’re tempted to take a shortcut instead of a principled decision, reminding yourself of your mission statement or anything that reorients you to the long term should help you make the right choice. -Brandon Schmeichel

– Penalties are far more motivating than rewards. We are more inclined to avoid actual loss than to strive for conditional benefits. -Issie Lapowsky