What part of the cruel universe does insomnia originate? Since last Monday I’ve been battling the worst sleep of my life. And let’s get two facts out of the way: I can sleep anywhere. Including the floor. And I enjoy sleeping.

So why is it that in my own bed, at the night after long days, I cannot seem to fall asleep? And then when I finally do, I manage to sleep for only about two hours before I’m wide awake again?

My room is not too hot or cold. My sheets aren’t in any kind of massive tangle that just makes them awkward. Sleeping conditions are optimal, as they always have been.

Yet night after night for the past week the one activity I enjoy the most during the week, is the one that eludes me.

What. A. Shame.

I suppose the good part of this, though, is that it hasn’t reduced my capacity to function normally. And on Friday I got up at 4:30 AM and kicked that day right in the seat of it’s pants by getting a tonne of errands done before I even got to work at 8:30.

Fingers crossed that sleep and I reconcile our difference this week and we can get back to the relationship we once had…..

But in all the time I’ve spent awake, at least recently, I’ve been listening to Enchanted by Taylor Swift. It’s the song that inspired the name of the perfume I own (Wonder-struck) and has also been on repeat. In a mere matter of days I have made it the #7 most played song on iTunes, just below Go by the Maccabees, 4 Adele songs, and Heart Attack by Trey Songz (what a random top 7 songs?!) Good stuff.

And in other news, yesterday was a funny day. I went to Wooster primarily to return something to JoAnn Fabric and then to shop and see a movie but after walking around the store for a bit I decided to scrap everything and instead find a good hiking trail. I’d heard Wooster had some good biking paths and since it was an overcast, rainy day, I figured there’d be basically zero people out. Fab.

Managed to get myself down to Wooster Memorial Park (on windy deserted roads…my fave!) Just as I pulled in one guy was getting in his car so I’d be the only person in the park. And I just happened to have my fleece jacket in the backseat to put under my trench (it was 40 degrees) and my sturdy umbrella for the rain.

Commence the hiking!

In actuality, I found a map on google of the park and I saw that there were a few streams and then what looked like a river running through it. And I love water. So I told myself I’d just hike to the river and back.

Easier said than done when you’re in skinny jeans and heeled boots. Down the hills I went anyway. It was a little slippery (by that I mean I almost wiped out completely a few times) but I eventually made it across two little streams and down to a river that wasn’t really a river as much as it was a large creek. Still lovely all the same.

It was weird how calming it was to just be alone, walking and singing hymns for a few hours. I could’ve went shopping. I could’ve went to the library or gotten back in bed. But as much as I love the connected world…nature still draws me in every single time. I’m still in wonder and awe over fallen trees, naturally carved ravines, and stone formations. Nature doesn’t cave to the pressures of the world around it. It just is.

And I think more than anything in this world, no matter how much I come off as thinking otherwise, my supreme goal in life is to just…be.