At the time of writing this, it’s approximately 6pm on a Saturday evening. I’m home working on editing photos and contemplating a nap (when am I not doing that?)

I went to reach for my phone out of habit and broke into a cold sweat. It wasn’t next to me.

Where was my phone?!?!!?!?!

Exactly 4 feet away on the loveseat where I tossed it an hour ago when I was reading.

Why do we (read: I) get so anxious when our phones aren’t around? Especially since I’m on my laptop and can readily check my email, feeds, and social media streams, there’s really no reason to panic when my phone isn’t sitting in it’s regular spot: 6 inches to the right of my laptop.

If someone calls or texts…I’ll see it eventually. And since I’m not expecting either (sad life haha) then I have even less to be anxious about.

So tonight…I’m going to make a conscious effort to overcome my separation anxiety. I’m going to plug my phone in the charger in the bedroom, put it on Do Not Disturb, and see if I can go the entire evening without panicking over it.

This weekend has been going swimmingly and I’d like to keep up the trend of work accomplished and books read.

Hope you’re having a great weekend too, internet. And if you suffer from iPhone separation anxiety like me…let me know. We can start a support group.