I have a lot of fabulous and fun projects going on that I wanted to share as well as some goals. Mostly to hold myself accountable on the goal side of things…

Upcoming May Events and (WIP/New) Projects:

  • Photo – I’m attending the WCNC conference this weekend and I’ve also signed on to be the event photographer. CRAZY huge for me! I’ll be creeping around for reg, open and closing remarks, lunch, the after party, and some of the sessions (although sessions will be quite difficult as I’ll be…you know…attending the conference at the same time). Thanks to JR for taking me on and BT for lending me a second lens.
  • Photo – Engagement session with a fabulous couple/friends of a friend. Definitely something new for my portfolio and I love LOVE couple/wedding photography so this could be the start of something new!
  • Marketing – WIP – My marketing plan has been on the back burner for a while. It’s like the puppy when a new baby is born. I need to give it some “mommy still loves you” time.
  • Web – My dear friend and photo buddy (the one who landed us the engagement session above!) is launching her photography business and has bestowed the greatest honor upon me…helping with the design and launch!
  • Web – WIP – Work on spiffing up the website even more. I made it viewable by other people’s eyeballs and then took some time away from it. This month, I need to work on the laundry list of little Wibbly-Wobbly (Timey-Wimey, Spacey-Wacey) tweaks I want to implement. So stay tuned!

{A brief interlude for a chuckle. Garlek Dalek. EXTERMINATE!}

Garlek Dalek


  • Purchasing – Buy two vinyl floor/backdrops like this one from Swanky Prints.
  • Photo – Book at least two photo gigs. I know what types of photography I’m good at but I realllllllly love to push my limits and step way far out of my comfort zone so I’m open to almost anything. There’s a charity event I might volunteer for but we’ll see how shooting the conference goes first before I sign on for more event photography.
  • Photo – Find a cookbook writer! I recently purchased a bunch of new equipment (yay toys!) for stylized shoots and I want to photograph me some food! I even have different “tabletops” to shoot them on.
  • Photo – Keep up on editing photos! I have literally almost a dozen shoots in the pipeline because I keep shooting and falling behind on editing. If it requires a star chart and a reward system or whatever…I need to get these shoots edited!
  • Blogging– Get my open letter series online/scheduled (most of the letters are written I just need to remember to post them) and post at least one shoot a week. Get all other ideas onto a timeline.
  • Life – Keep on living the dream : ) I’m still so ridiculously chuffed with life, doing what I love, traveling, and taking on new opportunities. When you decide everything about your life and how you live it, you’ll be surprised how happy you become.