Restart. Do over. Begin again. Mulligan.

All things that were going through my head today as I listened to the fabulous Jasmine Star‘s workshop rebroadcast on Creative Live. If you don’t know who JStar is, she’s an OC photographer/business genius/workshop leader whose work I’m absolutely in love with.

In her latest workshop, ReSTARt (I wish I had a name I could do fun things with like CelebraTORI or ReSTARt) Jasmine take 3 photogs and helps them change their business from okay to amazing. I won’t go into detail on the workshop or continue to list the reasons Jasmine is my photography hero, but the idea behind ReSTARt coupled with a great conversation I had a few weekends ago has really given a lift to my already fairly stellar life.

I eat better, sleep better, exercise more, and have the renewed passion and faith to go after the dreams in life that really matter to me. I’m only 23 so I’m not sure if you’re allowed to call a mulligan this early in life but I want to. I’ve spent too much time in the 14.5 months since I graduated from Uni knowing exactly what I want…and doing very little about it. Yeahhhh I’ve done this and that and shuffled around a bit. I changed jobs, moved into a lovely flat, bought some new clothes and furniture, traveled a bunch. But really, I’m marginally closer to my dream when I feel like I should be steps away from the finish line.

Most of February was a quarter life crisis but in March (and since it’s Lent) I’ve declared a zero-tolerance policy on my life. I try not to complain or make excuses too much but I’m cutting that out of my life completely. Unhappy? Fine. Shut up about it and do something to change the situation. And if there’s nothing you can do to change the situation, although there usually is if you look hard enough, then pray to God for strength and perseverance. But don’t question where your life is going. It’s going exactly where you take it. Maybe I left all my courage and adventure in Europe. But it’s time to find it again. It’s time to be daring. Adventurous in all aspects of work and life. (Cue me signing up to go sky diving).

It’s time to begin.