**Alert: Fashion post! Because we all know I have no purpose for this blog.

At the start of April I took a commercial break to blog about some metallic shoes I saw in the J.Crew March Style Guide.

Clearly it wasn’t a one-time deal because I received the April Style Guide in the post this week and instantly fell in love with two accessories (and I’m not talking about the gorgeous male models every lady has on her arm).

JCrewMiniThe Mini bag (in Rose Dust, $148) is just adorable. For some reason throughout the winter season my handbag becomes chock-a-block full of random things…including 3 moleskins and an actual book (you should always carry a book with you!) this year. But the Mini encourages downsizing for spring. It’s just big enough for the essentials and a little something extra. Perfect for all the adventures you’ll go on with the warm weather here (well…not in Ohio really, but in general).

And then I’m pretty sure spring can’t get anymore cheerful than with these necklaces:


Seriously to DIE for. The double tassel ($68) reminds me of the tassel print you often find on silk scarves (of which I have two from England! So I extra love this necklace) but I cannot get over the colors on the Crystal Drops ($148) necklace.


They remind me of Easter and Jelly Bellys. And I especially (especially) love it because it’s a big statement piece but has a subtlety about it that really draws me in. It would be fabulous with white (as pictured above in the actual style guide) or even paired down with a crew neck tee and full a-line skirt.

If only I had a random $148 laying around! But let’s get real…all of my random money laying around goes into slowly buying everything from Tiffany & Co.

Here’s the entire April style guide. What do you love?

Have a fab night, xx

P.S. I’m taking a little vacation down in our state capital. Who doesn’t love a good adventure?! I’m sure I’ll blog about it all when I get back before weeks end.