Updated 2/2/2016

January isn’t even here yet and I’ve already set my goals for it. #OnIt

Some are one-time “to-do” items I want to get done this month and some are on-going throughout the month.


  • Deep clean the house (wash all the rugs kind of stuff that I do every month) – kind of mostly did this! 
  • Do 2 design exercises – failure. Although I did do some client work which counts? 
  • Finish cleaning out and organizing digital and paper things – another failure. On the list for spring cleaning now! 
  • Write 1 guest post for FP – nope…..
  • Design new prints for Columbus business – yup! signed sealed and delivered 
  • Design / finish out logo project for client – done as well! 
  • Start 12 month photo project (shoot the same thing for 12 months…not sure what yet though) – failed on this and now I’m not sure what to do since there’s no way to get the month back. An 11 month project would just be lame. 
  • Schedule lunch to catch up with friends (HR and JD for sureeee) – DONE! So glad to see old friends.



  • Spend some time each week brushing up on my Spanish – Mostly did. Missed a few days when I had a cold 
  • Blog 2 times a week – um…maybe? Not consistently though. I just blogged in January. 
  • Spend only $400 (total!!) the whole month…not including rent and car payment. – I was doing SO well with then then fell off towards the last half of this month. 
  • Workout 6 days a week – I also started off super well with this then fell off towards the last half of the month 
  • Only eat out 1 day a week, make the rest of my meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) at home to save AND be healthy – same as above 
  • Spend 1 hr a day reading (books, magazines, pocket articles, etc.) – didn’t read or dedicate time to reading nearly as much as I wanted to. 

Annnnnd that’s it. A lot of the “one time” things I can hit in a weekend if I’m super energetic. The on-going things I’ll find some way to put on my calendar (ugh, everything always has to be on my calendar for me to care or remember).

Anyone else got their January goals already in mind?