“How’d you get to be so old without knowing how to do anything?”

What a great line from Janette Oak.

Very early tomorrow I’ll be on a plane headed to New Jersey (actually, Philly and then taking a cab into Jersey) for work.

How did I get so old without ever having been to Jersey? I mean, I’ve been to Newark, the airport, but I’ve never actually been outside of the airport in New Jersey.

I’m excited to finally add the one place I feel like everyone’s been to the list of places I can officially say I’ve been to too. (I’ve never been to New York either….GASP!)

And, to be honest, I’m excited for two more things: 1. To see the event I’ve helped planned from the beginning come to an end and 2. To travel again, obviously.

There’s just something about living out of a suitcase that I find thrilling (for only a few days on end. When I had to live out of a suitcase for 2 weeks, it was considerably less fun).

I’m excited for my giant hotel bed with the many fluffy pillows I can make a fort out of. I’m excited for room service and my river view.

Things I’m not excited about? Seeing the inevitable devastation that I’m sure has hit all of New Jersey, including where we’ll be staying. I was assured the location of our event was just fine (priorities first, when you’re an event planner) but I can only imagine what city is going to look like. Thriving again, I hope.

So get ready, New Jersey. This girl is ready to paint the town red. In a G-rated business trip sense.

P.S. Tomorrow is election day! So go vote!