This is one of my favourite views in the entire world. It’s from the top of this hill looking down on Lake Winderemere in the Lake District in England. I didn’t take this particular photo but I’ve been to the top of this hill. What a hike. At times, almost completely vertical. I was exhausted at the end but the view…this view…it was worth it.

So it’s that time of year again, the Lenten season, where I embark on a journey to recenter my life. To drive my focus back to the basics.

** Warning, the next paragraph is about religion. Skip to the next set of asteriks of this bothers/annoys/bores you.

If you’re religious in some sense you probably hear about people “giving up” things for Lent. Great. But with the wrong intentions, it’s kind of pointless in my eyes. I’m not just going to give up social media for 40 days and then go back to using it 24/7. The point is to take something out of your life to make more time for prayer and contemplation. To make room for improvements. And to feel the loss of something important to you so that it brings you closer to how Jesus felt during his 40 days in the desert.

**Too much religious talk for you?


The point is, this season I’m going on a journey to cut out excess in my life. Excess spending. Excess entertainment (video, social media, etc.) Excess food. Essentially trying to get back to the simpler life (which I’ve been trying to do all year).

But unlike the failure that comes with a new year, I always take the Lenten season very seriously. So I know goals will be met. Time to crack down and stop strolling along the pathway!

Have a happy Ash Wednesday and if you’re embarking on a Lenten journey too, God speed.