Yeah. I’m not sure where the months are going.

But here goes June wrap-up / July projects & goals:


  • Photo – I lost track of the number of shoots I actually did in June. I have on the books for July.
  • WebBT Website – Should be done by the end of the week!
  • WebJW Website – Same as above. I want this done by the end of the week.
  • WebMy website – No progress. Still on the list.
  • CraftFinish the 4th shadow box for the wall by my spiral staircase. Still on the list.
  • Craft – Glitter dipped mason jar. Because every month deserves to have some glitter in it – DONE!
  • Marketing – Setup a complete social marketing plan for my photography. Not as a business per se. Just to gain more visibility.


  • Purchasing – My June goal was to stop spending. That didn’t happen. Rolls on over to the July list!
  • TravelBook a weekend holiday. Didn’t do this. But I have independence day off this Thursday so it’ll be like a mini-holiday
  • PhotoFind a cookbook writer – another item that isn’t going to go away! – And still isn’t for July.
  • PhotoEdit and post ALL the projects I have in the queue. I still have a few in the queue.
  • BloggingI still need to get that open letter series online. And get some other posts scheduled.

IN CONCLUSION: June was a HUGE failure! I’m not sure what I ever did this last month. And I haven’t added on much for this month because I don’t want to give up on June’s goals.

I rediscovered this song today. Yes…I used to listen to Blink 182 when I was younger. Most of their songs make me cock my eyebrow and go “realllllly?” but this one (and I Miss You) are actually pretty…….how to describe them…….not depressing…….but really pull at your heart. Especially if you’re missing someone. And I am. So….here ya go: