• Photo – FIVE shoots this month. (And one in July so far). Oh my gosh. FIVE shoots. My mind is exploding.
  • Marketing – This plan is going to stay on the list until it’s done!
  • Web – BT Website – Setup domain and hosting. Agree on a design. Put the site together!
  • Web – JW Website – Same as above. This project was an ad hoc item halfway through May and I failed to update the list.
  • Web – My website – Yeah. Same old.
  • Craft – Finish the 4th shadow box for the wall by my spiral staircase
  • Craft – Glitter dipped mason jar. Because every month deserves to have some glitter in it


Random laugh!


  • Purchasing – More specifically…to stop. I get the greatest satisfaction of knowing I have always paid my credit cards and bills in full, on time, every month for the entire life span of said credit cards/bills. In May…I kind of went off the deep end and bought $170 shoes, a Kate Spade bag, a new camera lens…and a LARGE supplement to my already too large wardrobe. All for me. Not to mention the housewarming gifts for my sister, various charitable donations, and some random off the cuff lunches and dinners with friends. Whoa. On top of my regular expenses? Let me tell you…it adds up quickly. So in June I’m hoping to go back to what April was like. Frugal and boring.
  • Travel – Book a weekend holiday, Fri evening thru Sunday evening. It can be in another state, a neighboring town, or even my flat. But 48 hours of vacation time. No phone. No email. No TV. Just me, books, possibly a friend or two…you get the gist. And hopefully on the cheap (see above).
  • Photo – Find a cookbook writer – another item that isn’t going to go away!
  • Photo – Edit and post ALL the projects I have in the queue. Which is….am I admitting this number? 17. Yes. SEVENTEEN photo shoots or projects I’ve done that haven’t been edited/posted. I’m cringing right now. But with five large (legit) shoots on the horizon I need to get the queue empty again.
  • Blogging – I still need to get that open letter series online. And get some other posts scheduled. BUT I did organize all my post ideas onto various lists so there’s a start.

And Bob’s your uncle! Let’s do this, June.

Here’s a bonus jam that I’ve been loving on lately: