Well….cat’s outta the bag. Has been for a while now but I’ve been too crazy excited to actually blog about it.

A fun little story:

My friend Maria runs a fashion blog called The Style Letters (you should check it out because it’s amazing). My friend Brittany and I occasionally do photography for said blog.

The blog started getting HUGE like WHOA (and I mean, if you check it out, you’ll understand why) so back in April I emailed this:

“Hopefully Kate Spade calls you up and tells you they want to start giving you free things to review or something :)”

Two months later I get an email from M saying Kate Spade reached out to her to host the opening of the new KS store in Cleveland.

WHAT?! asdfghjkl.

Sooooo…..this is happening tomorrow.

kate spade invite

This is HUGE for Maria, Brittany, and myself. And I feel like I’m going to be sick.

Kate Spade!

Kate Freaking Spade!

To me, this is like shooting for Tiffany & Co.

Celebrities wear Kate Spade.

They count their following in MILLIONS of people.

Did I mention I feel like I’m going to be sick?