5/15/2012 – 9:20PM

If you know me and we’ve talked about traveling, somewhere along the line I’m sure I’ve talked about how much I loathe US Air. If you need a refresher, I wrote a big long post about it in December.

But sometimes you don’t get a choice of what carrier you fly. Like when someone books a ticket for you.

So today, I ended up on a US Air flight again. Lucky me!

Nothing noticeable went wrong. I mean, sure, the lavatory broke about 10 minutes into the flight and no one could use it, but at least my luggage wasn’t lost! (But really, US Air, you need to get friendlier employees).

Let’s reacap the day though.

Woke up at 615am. Left my house at 640. Got to the airport around 730. (Couldn’t believe how bad traffic was that early!)

Got through security, my gate, and all that. Layover in Charlotte NC but we were only waiting 20 minutes or so before we boarded (and the gate was next to the one we got out of from the last flight!)

Blah blah. Luggage, rental car, (they have these crazy legal U-turn areas…hard to explain), hotel check in (I’m on the second floor with a window over-looking the pool…which makes me feel like a creep so I keep my blinds closed.)

But the real adventure?! Food, of course. We went to O’Henry’s for lunch around 3. Ate crawfish balls. And this cajun marinated chicken with bacon (yes, bacon) on top with chips (fries…..an English word that never left me), and slaw (not so good).

Got back, set up the wireless, watched a bit of TV, worked out in the gym (it’s nice!), watched a bit more TV, and then dinner!

We went to a place just a short walk away called Brick Oven Cafe. It’s a cute little Italian place but I was still so stuffed from lunch that I only got a house salad with grilled chicken.

And now a random wave of sleepiness just hit me so I’ll finish this tomorrow.

May 30, 2012 -Authors Note:

I never did finish this haha. Things got crazy busy but I’ll recap LA with photos soon!