After work all week long I’ve been trying to be productive. That includes making dinner (so as to use my “stockpile” up AND not spend money) and doing a variety of activities like going through my old memorabilia and sorting it into plastic tubs by year. Tonight, though, after I made dinner I crawled in to bed to play Jelly Splash (the knock-off version of Jelly Cats that V got me hooked on) then decided to light a candle (still have some Mahogany Teakwood left from last winter!) and watch some It’s Judy’s Life while I wrote.

Here’s the scene I’ve set for myself tonight…


Those white shells in the jar are from Miami Beach when V and I walked along the shore line (the first time I got stung by a jellyfish tried to give me a hug) and looked for something to collect while we passed time.

V’s brother Tony also got married last Saturday in a cute rustic wedding in Canton. Ummm…yeah…totally cried. A celebration of love? Count me in. Plus my #1 was looking sharp in his tux (*swoon*). As favors they passed out honey. Which is good because honey lasts forever (omg, irony guys?!) so it can be my emergency sweet stash.


It’s almost the end of the week! I can just TELL tomorrow’s going to be productive (I mean, I’m wearing jeans to work so…comfort rules!) and then Friday I have various things going on but most importantly I get to see my #1 again. And this weekend is the Feast of the Assumption in Little Italy! So that’ll be massive fun.