Well Lent is off to a rocky start.

I did indulge in some last treats on Shrove Tuesday but there were leftovers…so I had to eat them today. #Fail.

And to make matters worse, I thought I had a fork in my desk but I didn’t so I had to go to the lunchroom to get one…but I didn’t want to go there to just steal a fork so I ended up getting a diet Coke as well.

So…yeah. For dinner though I already know what I’m making (accounting for leftovers for lunch tomorrow) and tomorrow I’m going to the grocery store to get some fresh things.

The key, as I’ve always known, is to PLAN.

In other news, I’m also going to start limiting my “screen time” after work. I spend literally all day in front of three monitors or projectors (in meetings). Then I go home to work some more (with two monitors). And thennnn I lay in bed and watch YouTube videos on my phone to fall asleep.

Internet, my eyes are so dry and tired (and hurting!) it’s not even funny anymore (not that it was ever funny). So at least for a while I’m going to try to keep my after-work screen time down to one hour (from 5pm to 11pm). That means more reading, crafting, and cleaning (ugh chores) instead of sitting down at my laptop. It also means I need to be more EFFICIENT with my time online in the evenings. I really DO need to work on a presentation, my website, blog posts, etc. so there’s just no avoiding my computer but I CAN cut down on internet distractions like scrolling my twitter feed.

My poor eyes need a break. This is me listening to them.

(Now if only I could give up coffee and start working out…)