I’m about to talk about the week again so if you had the misfortune of reading the previous post about me complaining about the week, I’d just stop reading.

The Week of February 18th, By The Numbers: (Not including today, obviously)

  • Number of hours slept in the last 4 nights: approx. 17 combined, so about 4/4.5 hours a night. Almost all nonconsecutive.
    • Total number of hours I normally sleep a night: 8
  • Amount of Food Consumed: Not enough. I don’t eat breakfast during the week, had lunch 2 of 4 days (and one of those days consisted of eating a cupcake and 4 pieces of Chex), and had dinner once (at like 10pm and it consisted of beautiful, glorious, french fries).
    • Total Amount of Food I Normally Consume: You don’t even want to know. It’s somewhere up in the “lumberjack” and “training for the Olympics” range.
  • Number of alcoholic beverages consumed: 3
    • Number of alcoholic beverages I normally consume in a month: 2
  • Number of insects I’ve killed: 4 (well…two were already dead and I just sprayed them with bug spray just in case)
    • Total number of insects I should be killing: 0 (But I’ve called the exterminator and he’s coming out today)
  • Number of times I’ve lost my iPhone: 1
    • Number of times I’ve ever lost my iPhone in the past: 0
  • Number of hours my 16-hour lipstain has stayed on: 41 so far (rock on, Revlon ColorStay Overtime Lipcolor)
  • Number of cupcakes consumed: 1 (and it made my entire day)
  • Number of times I’ve listened to the same song on repeat: 145. (but we’ll leave the song unnamed)
  • Number of new books bought: 1 (Gladwell book. I’m on a mission to own them all just so I can disagree with them)
  • Number of talks attended: 1, technically 2 (although when you’re genuinely the most uneducated person in the room, it’s basically like 0)
  • Number of paintings painted: 1 (and it involved a flock of birds so…yay)
  • Number of times I’ve thrown the hammer/phone books over the balcony onto the floor below: 1 (*shakes fist at Mr. Noisy Downstairs*)
  • Number of times I wished the floor would swallow me up: 54,392,857 (But I’ve lost count)
  • Total number of times I wish my brain would be quiet for just 1 hour: ∞, infinite

So you’d think the week boils down to me being a sleep deprived, starving, alcoholic, careless iPhone losing, manic, insect murderer. That’s how I see it now that I’ve typed it all out, even though I did include some actually positive things above.

But there are two things that have given this week redemption (apart from the cupcake, of course):

  • Amount of caffeine ingested: approx. 7 cups of tea a day.
  • Number of great emails/chats I’ve had with friends, family, and colleagues: numerous.

I love Numbers. They’re a great way to measure things. But my life by the numbers will probably always be fairly unimpressive. (Until they start to read things like ‘number of vacations taken’ and ‘number of adventures gone on’). And that’s okay I guess because it reminds me that the simplest things…a good song on shuffle, an encouraging text from a friend, finishing a project, saying a prayer…all have the ability to bring my favorite type of smile to my face: the kinds that start in the corner of someone’s mouth and spreads. (Side note: I think these are amongst the most genuine smiles people can have).

So whoever reads this anytime now or in the future, I hope you’re having a stellar week. Thanks to the small reminders from God, I know I have.

Happy Friday! xx