Yo, other YouTube vloggers, I’m really happy for you and imma let you finish, but Alex Day is one of the best vloggers of all time. Of all time.

I won’t get into how I fell in love with Alex Day (and also Charlie McDonnell, Phil Lester, and Dan Howell…cough cough) but he’s started something amazing that I think is really going to catch on (on the internet at least): Lifescouts.

Lifescouts, in a nutshell, is the adult version of the Boy and Girl Scouts. Just as the scouts get badges or pins for accomplishing things, the same applies for Lifescouts.

For example, the first badge to hit the website was ‘Mountain Climbing.’ Ever gone mountain climbing? Yes? Fab. You’ve earned the badge. No? Well then it’s something to hope for.

From the videos I’ve watched of Day explaining Lifescouts, it originated as a way for him to get himself to go out and do more things. Some of them are pretty broad like the ‘Sunrise‘ badge (6,650 notes) and others are very particular and more rare like the ‘Easter Island‘ badge (only 69 notes). There are two great parts of this: Day encourages others to share their stories when they reblog the badge (on Tumblr) and he doesn’t, as far as my knowledge extends, pick badges of things he’s already done so he can have them all. The badges range from skills (‘French Language’) to experiences (‘Skydiving’).

I haven’t actively re-blogged and shared my stories on Tumblr just because it’s my firm belief that Tumblr is a slippery slope I fell down once upon a time and I’d rather…you know…go do things to earn me badges then spend time looking at pictures (oh yeah, I hit page 217 on the Sherlock tag once and knew it was time to delete Tumblr and reclaim my life). But this hasn’t stopped me from keeping a mental tally of badges I have (11 of 31 badges released so far) and using other people’s stories as encouragement.

You rock, Alex Day.

Happy Wednesday! xx

P.S. I seem to be “plugging” more brands, blogs, and people lately, eh? (Or maybe I’m just linking properly and not being so lazy! That’s probably the case.)