You should never let your fear of doing something stop you from doing it.

I know this.

And yet, after a slew of applications put in to London based companies…I’m starting to panic.

What IF one of them called me up and picked me…said “Kassey, we need you in London next month.”

The sheer thought makes me sweat. I’d have to sort out my visa…but also my banking…my credit cards…find a place to live…MOVE. I have SO much stuff and I wouldn’t be able to take most of it. The problem is that if I moved to England, I’d buy everything to start a home…but the chances of me coming home to America again are high…so then I’d have two of everything, ya know? And I’d have to get all my England stuff back to America. Unless I had two homes…which at 22 doesn’t seem very practical.




Should I keep applying for jobs in London? I don’t even know anyone in London.

It seems like traveling there is a different thing from living there. But I want to live there.

It’s just all so overwhelming.

I need a cup of tea.

Baby steps? Get a job in Ohio…then somewhere else in America…then England? Or just take the plunge, go headfirst fearless?