Three things are currently rocking around my Christmas tree.

First, my long standing (5th annual) tradition of only watching Love Actually starting November 1 and running until Christmas started a few weeks ago. Sadly, that was the only time I’ve watched it all November! And Christmas is creeping up on us faster than damp (erm…mold) in a flooded basement. I’ll make it a point to watch it tomorrow evening.

Second, my new Nikon arrived yesterday. Wow. What a change from Sony (which I loved!) I spent most of the evening adjusting the settings to be just how I like them and draining the battery for it’s first full charge. But tonight, after I get home from the post-work mall trip I’m taking, I shall try it out and hopefully process and post some pictures soon.

Third, I spent several hours freshening up my blog and…I’m quite pleased with it! *brushes dirt off own shoulder* Just kidding. It’s not largely spectacular by any means but it’s a change and I’m all about that before things get really stale.

Enjoy? Hope so.