It’s that time of year. Love Actually time. 5 weeks before Christmas (when the movie takes place). It reminded me how much I miss the holiday’s back home.

The trees, lights, snow…the candy canes lining our drive…the music, the smell of pine wood being burned…

I’ve tried my best to improvise here, in cold windy snow-less England…I put a small advent calendar on my wall (I bought it the first week we were here…what can I say?) and some glittery snowflake ornament shaped gift-tags on my wall…plus the map of England to remind me to travel.

I’m doing the best I can! Anna and I were talking today about spending the Holiday’s away from home. Like…when do you determine to do the holiday’s on your own? I can’t imagine not spending Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter with my family (my parents and sister, I mean). But when does the time come when you say “I’m not going to see mom and dad this year because I’m spending Christmas with my own little family, my husband and children” (God willing, of course). It’s just weird to me to think that one day…who knows when…I’m not going to spend every holiday with my family. That makes me miss them even more and sad that I’m missing this holiday season.

It’s going to be…different…to not be home for Thanksgiving this year. I guess if I haveeee to be away from home, I’d rather be here in England than anywhere else but still…I’ve just been thinking a lot about how my life is going to change when I get home…I feel like I felt before I came here…excited…nervous…ready but not ready at all………..scared. Oh life.

And I have class at 9 tomorrow which means I have to get up at 8….30 haha. Which means I need to go to bed son. (My old lady tendancy of going to bed super early will never go away I fear).

P.S. A bit of shameless promotion: I’m listening to Anna’s little brother’s one-man-band: Project 3. Granted a few of the songs (okay, most of them, but not all of them!) are in German…he’s legit. Good thinking music.