A couple of weeks ago I got an idea to make a single postcard with the message “With love from Cleveland.” It reminded me of how you would sign a letter or of those old “Greetings From…” postcards.

Of course I wanted to find some way to marry my photography with my design style and pour it into this project…all while giving Cleveland, the “-land” I love, a big hug.


I didn’t end up using the first image I had in mind and instead chose one I took last summer of the Fountain of Eternal Life. By far and away my favorite place in Cleveland! Sitting on the benches on a sunny day listening to the fountain brings so much peace to a busy city.


After the first card was designed I decided to make it a series of postcards. Each with a different image of a place or thing in Cleveland but always featuring the same message: “With love from Cleveland.”

I had a limited run of 50 postcards printed of this design and mailed some out to folks who asked for one. I have plans for the remaining cards and a second design in the works. It was such a random idea but it’s a project I’ve already fallen in love with…probably because I’m nuts about the city I live in!


If you’d like one of the postcards I’ll send you one 100% free! Just send me your address via the Contact form.