It’s no secret I love YouTube. It’s the place where people who are alone never really feel alone. I used to love those moments in England when I’d realize I’d been working on my website well past 3am and and decide to call it a night. But then I’d be too jazzed up (thanks, Mt. Dew Energy) so I’d lay in bed and watch YouTube videos.

Anyway, I was watching a YouTube video today titled “Thoughts from Malta” in which I thought Carrie Fletcher would be talking about Malta.

False. She started going off on this tangent about love.

She mentioned that in London there used to be these posters around called “Love Is…” and then a little picture.


Which reminded me of series I saw on Tumblr ages ago (back when I first got Tunblr) that is also titled Love Is…

I won’t bore the internet with my own comments on what I think love is but these posters are just cute! The cartoonist behind them used to draw them for his then girlfriend (now wife). His website: