I know I shouldn’t be judging here but…is it alright for me to say that I like Liverpool 5 times better than Manchester? I know Manchester has Man United and all (all Man U fan who might read this, please don’t hate me) and the weather today in Manchester was horrible so that probably contributed largely to my evaluation but…..here are some reasons why I like Liverpool a lot….

  • Albert Dock and the waterfront in general. None of that in Manchester!
  • The night life! Granted, I have not been in Manchester in late evening, I’m sure it’s hopin…
  • Liverpool One – the giant street with all the shops and no cars allowed on it
  • The train goes directly from Ormskirk to Liverpool Central in 30 mins, no transfers, and it’s only 3.20GBP
  • It’s so vibrant! Walking down Liverpool One you’ll see tons of street performers and such.
  • There are TWO, yes two, H&M stores. Manchester has two too as well as two Primark’s I think…

In Manchester the young people dress like they’re emo, they’re rude (one woman in Primark actually tried to take the jacket I was looking at out of my hands!), and the city seemed very dull.Very industrial like. There are some positives though… it’s all very close together so we didn’t walk for miles and miles to get to any one thing.

At the end of the day, I can say “Manchester, been there, done that” but I still find myself wanting to go back to Liverpool, to find new shops and new places to eat. Maybe it’s because it’s so easy to get there from here, who knows, but Liverpool, you’ll always be number one in my heart.