Different from last week, my favorite part of this week was the mini design critique and redesign of the dialog box. I found the readings this week a little heavy into theory…which is cool when I’m wide awake, but no so great to read on the couch after a long day of work and travel and events.

For the design critique though, I found it challenging to reference the readings and not just rely on “I know this because I know this.” For instance, I knew the repetition of the options put the burden on the user to decipher…okay…Option A is email…Option B is website…Option C is email and website. When it could more simply be: email, website check boxes. My gut told me that was a better solution but didn’t the reading also reflect this same sentiment?

In general though, I always love a good design problem…be it figuring out the best way to validate something or doing a little interaction or visual design. So I really enjoyed the assignment this week to put on my thinking cap and design something not related to work!