I’m SO GLAD to be done with the textbooks. It way more dense than I thought it would be! I enjoy learning the psychology and physiology of the human mind as it applies to user experience…but some of the chapters were so dense my mind was melting.

My favorite part of the week though again was the main assignment. This week it was “designing a workflow that works.” Although I was leaning less on the texts and more on what I’m used to. Given a problem with requirements my mind instantly starts going through jobs to be done, the discovery canvas, and task analysis. And then when it comes time to diagram, I’m used to swimlanes and SIPOC diagrams. I want to start leaning on the text more though and incorporating what I learn through that into what I already know.

It seems for Module 3 we’re shifting a little more towards visual, something I love and don’t feel I get to do as much anymore in lieu of conducting research. So I’m excited for the next few weeks in visual. I can’t believe we’re 4 weeks in and once this next module is over the first class will be done but at the same time look at the next two years ahead of me and have to remember it’s a marathon!