This week was the intro into visual design. Similar to some of the basics of psychology that influence design, it was nice to get a reminder of the principles of visual design. As someone with an engineer-y brain, I like that a lot of design can be boiled down to a science. The main assignment of the week was to find examples of effective and ineffective designs. I love this. Since I started in marketing I’ve always kept a folder on my laptop of designs I love (and may want to use as inspiration someday) and designs I find so cringe-y they’re just good to keep around for a laugh. Definitely added some great examples to my folder this week.

The main assignment coming up is on typography and I think I’m the most excited for this week! Some of the more seasoned designers on our team who started back in print in the 80s or earlier have SO MUCH knowledge on type that I hope to gain.

I always see these diagrams and vaguely know what each term means (enough to get by in InDesign or Illustrator) but I’m really hoping to learn what each truly means.