I’m pretty sure I’ve broken every cardinal rule of running a website/blog by not updating in almost two weeks. Ummmm. Yeah. For good reason! I’ve been working on May goals list. A short reacap:


  • Photo – Shoot WCNC Conf. – DONE! Album and post are online : ) +1
  • Photo – Engagement session – Shooting date was moved to June so it’s now on the June projects list! +0
  • Marketing – Finish marketing plan – Yeah. No. Barely touched it. +0
  • Web – BT Website – logo designed, colors picked out, content in the works. +1
  • Web – My Website – Yeah. Again. No. Barely touched it. +0


  • Purchasing – Buy two vinyl floor/backdrops – Nope. BUT I did buy a new lens. And a 3′ light cube. And a reflector set. So….I feel that makes up for not getting the floordrops. +3
  • Photo – Book at least two photo gigs. – Oh baby I have 5 on the calendar. +5
  • Photo – Find a cookbook writer – Nope. Still on the hunt though! +0
  • Photo – Keep up on editing photos – Always behind…… +0
  • Blogging– Get my open letter series online/scheduled. Get all other ideas onto a timeline. – Fail +0
  • Life – Keep on living the dream : ) – One area I’m right on track for! +1

So yeah…May was good and better. Life got busy…and then even more busy…and then crazy busy. I’m still in the crazy busy part so I haven’ really had time to reflect and assess my projects and goals for the month but I’d say all in all things turned out okay.

I’m super pumped for June though! My June projects/goals list will go online tomorrow but let me tell you, internet, I’m in over my head more than I’ve ever been in my entire life and you know what? I love it. I’m in such a unique and amazing place in my life where I’m 100% in love with 100% of my life. From my day job as a marketer to my night hustle as a photographer…Cue the Jefferson’s theme song:

If you had a running list of May Projects & Goals I hope you ticked off a lot more than me! And I hope you had a good time in the process. I used to view goal setting as this arduous mammoth of a thing…like “figure out life” and “cure world hunger” and “design a better bat suit” but if you look at it like that…it becomes tedious and you rarely check things off. Make it fun. Sprinkle some bucket list items under “Goals.”

And no matter what, keep living the dream.