Just the other day ago I was signing the praises of my new oxfords when I was browsing the J.Crew catalog and found these gems:



J. Crew // Mirror Metallic Oxfords // $258

YES. Silver metallic oxfords. And they’re not tacky like you’d think.

This threw my world upside down because although I own metallic and glitter flats, I neverrrrr considered mettalic and glitter oxfords (don’t ask me why). And I wholllleeeee heartedly live by the “if it can be metallic or I can throw some glitter and sequin on it, the better” philosophy.

I went on a short 5 minute quest to see what other types of fabulous oxfords I could find.

These glitter ones from Neiman Marcus make me want to weep:


 Neiman Marcus // $330

And these gold metallic wingtips are a nice alternative from J.Crew’s blazing silver:


Nasty Gal // Uniform Metallic Oxford //$110