Below are some highlights from our trip down to Miami Beach. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I didn’t have my phone on me at all times to document it, nor did I feel compelled to interrupt some moments by snapping pictures. It was a glorious time down there without my laptop and I was happy to have the time to disconnect from the world.


 Sunglasses on my sunglasses shirt! No better way to start vacation!


Trying to get to our AirBNB. Getting off the highway…

Me: Get in the left turn lane.

V: Which one?! Left? Left left? Left left left?!


Home! For the next 5 days.


There is no greater joy to me than remote controlled A/C


Went to the Publix down the street to get snacks for the week so we didn’t have to eat out. Tempting to get some Krispy Kremes…


Ah…the ocean.


On Sunday, our second day in, we went to brunch at Mr. Collins. I’m in love with the atmosphere of that place. It was raining in the morning so we didn’t get to sit outside but we did go out on the balcony (through a locked door, whoops) and took a gander.


The lighting at Mr. Collins….to die for.


Took a walk on the beach and found a sea turtle nest!


And then bless him, V found a baby sea turtle! So we put him back in the ocean.


We ate dinner in and then went out to a bar later….