Our plan for the day included going to a orange grove and the boardwalk. Despite bringing FOUR bottles of sun screen I forget them all back at our place so I grabbed a bottle at Marshalls. I actually really liked it too!


We visited Bob Roth’s New River Grove. Unfortunately it must not’ve been the season for oranges : ( But we did see banana trees!


Annnd of course V picked up a random fruit and tried to smash it open. (He did manage to open up a Florida Mango that we tried).


And then we got some snacks and fresh tasty drinks there for lunch. Look…the stools and tables were painted like citrus fruits!


After the boardwalk we went to Nuvo for dinner. I got the Florida lobster tail with risotto and V got the surf and turf (holy cow it was big).


In true random us fashion we cruised around looking for a 24-hour laundromat to wash the nasty beach towels and sheets at.


While we waited I got a hot dog at the food stand connected to the laundromat (what a genius idea) and tried to feed some to the stray cat. (This was hot dog number 2 of the day! I also got one at Bob’s).


And then it all had to end sometime. I love this quote on the back of the goldfish bag (my favorite snack in the world)…

Until next time, Miami Beach.