Yeah…I was totally going to listen to Michael Buble’s new album, To Be Loved, and write up a semi-review of it. Maybe make it a new thing on the blog.

That’s not going to happen.

I love Michael Buble’s music like I love puppy dogs and fluffy clouds. His songs are so adorable I can’t even handle it.

So when I fired up iTunes and started the album I was feeling pretty good. Can’t go wrong with Michael Buble’s deep amazing classic Dean Martin voice!

After listening to two songs, this GIF basically tells the story of what happened:

Cue me putting Close Your Eyes on repeat and…actually closing my eyes to enjoy the song. For one loop. Then I threw the whole “let’s review this album” concept out the window.

But I wanted to share the song with you, internet. If you feel like your life is sad and pathetic, don’t worry. This song will make you feel better. And if your life is amazing and you’re on top of the world, this song will remind you of that.