On Saturday night I got the worst migraine of my life. No exaggeration. Usually it’s just light sensitivity and a major headache which a Tylenol can cure.

Not this time.

This time it was sound and light sensitivity. Pain behind my eyes and my neck. And the worst part…nausea. Made ten times worse by the fact that every time I closed my eyes I saw an explosion of stars.

Top it all off with the fact that the guy who lives below me thought all weekend was the perfect time to have a bleeding rave in his flat…….

I basically wanted to die.

It’s now Tuesday night and I can report…I still have a headache. The guy below me is still being a doucher. And my glasses feel like they weigh ten tons on my face. Oh. And my neck and shoulders are tense like whoa. To the point where during the day I actually have to stop. Relax them. And occasionally massage them as hard as possible to get the muscles to loosen up.

Is this tension? Brought on by stress?

I’m not sure and my head hurts too bad these days to even Google it.

To headaches, migraines, and permanently stiff muscles….booooooo.