Not me, silly. I wish.

I can’t remember when I started following Stacy Reeves‘ wedding photography blog. It’s been years, honestly. (To put this into perspective, my desk in our home office moves about…oh…once every 1.5 years…and I remember stalking this photo blog 3 desk moves ago).

It’s not just the amazing photos on her website though…it’s the amazing stories. The couples she chooses to work with are just stunning. Their stories ranging from high school sweethearts to military service men and women to older couples. All sorts of people and places are represented (although she’s based out of Dallas she shoots all around the world). From engagements to portraits to actual weddings. Just. Ah, my insides just turn to mush.

So what am I going to do when said favourite photographer moves to PARIS?! My insides are mushy and now sad.

Can you imagine moving to Paris? Don’t we all wish we had the times and means to just do something like that? Wake up and “oh, moving to Paris today!” I thought about moving to England a lot after I got back. I thought about the logistics of it all. Car. House. Buying everything. Going to grad school. Getting a job. It was all so overwhelming and scary. I think it would be the most huge thing I’d ever do in my life. It’s one thing to move to another town or another state but to move to another country? To move across an ocean with no support network? Whoa.

I feel scared for her. And excited for her.

And happy to hear she’ll continue to photograph amazing moments in people’s lives.