It is upon us, internet.

The time where I try to cram all of my worldly belongings into vehicles to be moved.

A lot of planning went into this.

Which all came to nothing when it was actually time to get down to business. Carefully made packing lists turned into: throw what I can in a box, take a picture of it, layer on more stuff, take another picture, etc. until the box is full.

I’m sure I’ll never use those photos for reference.

For the record, I’m not a lazy person!

Okay, I probably am.

This is the part (just before a huge change that I’m pumped up for) where I start to resists change and kind of shut down. I’m excited! But I’m a Nervous Nelly too. And that part of me just wants to pass on good things, even if they’re great, because I like¬†normalcy. (Except when traveling, obvs).

So here’s to the start of another new journey. Been lots of those lately!